Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What's Over YOUR Writing Spot?

My writing spot happens to be a desk.

Oh, I might open my laptop while sitting at the kitchen table, or outside on the deck, or even in my HUGE comfy chair when the Braves are on TV. But serious creative thinking and/or writing goes on at my desk (despite what the Beneficent Mr. Hall may say). So, it's there, above and around my desk, where I've posted stuff to inspire, amuse, prod or cajole me into writing brilliance.

As I just posted my latest calendar sheet of the month, I thought I'd share. Because this simple tool (courtesy of The Verb ezine, from the genius of ReadingWriters) has made me even more brilliant (again, despite what the Beneficent Mr. Hall may say).

What I love about the calendar is that I can see, at a glance, the entire month. I can map out projects I want to tackle, making a workable time table. I check off a goal as I go-or circle a project I didn't get to and add it to the next month. By the end of the month, my pretty little calendar sheet might be a mess. But I'm always surprised at how much I've accomplished. What can I say? There's just something about goals staring me in the face every day that motivates and/or guilts me .

Plus, I always get a kick out of those monthly quotes. So, if you're having trouble organizing your writing goals, you might want to try this simple (and did I mention totally free?) calendar, still available here for download.

I'll share more "stuff over my writing spot" soon, and I'd love to hear about something over YOUR writing spot. Hahahaha! (Sorry-I just noticed one of my comic strips up there. Those Pearls Before Swine guys always make me laugh.)