Monday, July 12, 2010

Market of the Month: Sniplits!

I didn't exactly intend to take off last week, but for some hot and humid reason, I just didn't get into the writing zone. Thank goodness, I've found a market to give me a push in the write direction. (Um, sorry. I'll wait while you finish groaning...)

Now, on to the market of the month: Sniplits! Here's a spot that's all about short stories and getting those stories out there to tech-savvy readers on the go. It's a downloadable service that offers literary as well as genre writing, so there's literally something for every reader (and writer!). You can hear stories on I-phones, I-pods, MP3 players, Blackberries...well, if it's got downloading capability, it's a fit for Sniplits.

The question you're asking now is if it's a fit for your writing. Check out their guidelines for word counts, payment, rights, and other info. You'll see that thay accept previously published works (though the pay will be lower). And don't forget to peruse the Submissions calendar to make sure that what you want to submit is open now. I think I counted six different categories open in July. You're bound to find the write stuff, right? Write.

Um, SO sorry. I should probably get a tall, cool drink and hydrate my brain cells. Or at the very least, drown those cells that keep making awful puns.