Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tooting My Horn Tuesday for WOW! On Fiction and Voice

The latest issue of WOW-Women on Writing is out and it's packed-PACKED-with tons of terrific info for the fiction writer!

No matter how much I think I know, I always find more that I need to know from WOW! So I'm going to be busy reading this fine morning. Well, all except for the article on voice. But only because I wrote that article.

I had a few writer friends give me a hand with the article, and I know you'll want to see what they had to say, too. I have a feeling my regular readers will recognize a couple names...Donna, Madeline, and Beth often drop in here at the Hall of Fame. I'm so glad they pitched in their voice!

So, here's VOICE: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are by yours truly (and friends). I hope you enjoy it-and if you have a favorite story or novel, rich in voice, share it with me here. I was so taken with one of the writers' favorites that I went straight to the library to check it out. It was a wonderful read, too. (For extra points, see if you can guess which book I checked out!)

And you know what? I kinda lied. I'll probably read my article again.