Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Tip: Practicing Writer's Free E-Book of Essay Markets!

A few years ago, when I first went back to writing, I won one of Erika Dreifus' e-books. It was a wonderful boon, and I remember thinking how lucky I was to have that writer's tool. Now, you can get one of those e-books for free!

Erika is the editor of the Practicing Writer, delivering a free newsletter and hosting a blog of the same name. And, as I mentioned, she's authored a handful of e-books. But now she's getting out of the e-book business. Which is a bonus for the rest of us writers!

Um, that didn't come out exactly right. What I mean to say is that Erika's getting out of the e-book business, but she's giving away her e-books when she goes (August 1). Wheee! So, as many of you are essay writers, you should dash over here, read Erika's post explaining it all, and then get your free e-book, The Practicing Writer's Directory of Paying Essay Markets.

I've already downloaded my freebie. And it was simple (you'll have to sign on to the site, but it's free). So thank you very much, Erika. Again!