Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Writer's Lot (That's Me!) at WritersNewsWeekly

I usually wait till Tuesdays to do my horn tooting, but you know what they say about the news: Get it while it's fresh!

Or is that what they say about baked goods? Oh, here's what you can do! Grab a baked good while you read my featured essay, "The Writer's Lot." Now, we're all happy-wappy.

And when you finish reading, I hope you'll have time to peruse the rest of this week's edition of WritersNewsWeekly. I'm sure you'll find some interesting and useful writing information, tips, and news. You might want to come back, every Wednesday or Thursday, to get the freshest news available.

But I'd go easy on that baked goods habit. You know what they say: A baked good in the hand is worth 1200 calories on the hips. Or maybe that's just me.

(Disclaimer: No family members were harmed in the writing of "The Writer's Lot," and especially not The Beneficent Mr. Hall. Any resemblance to any characters living in the Hall House is strictly coincidental and totally, um, random.)