Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Good, Old October: National Book Month

Good, old October is one of my favoritest months for many reasons, but now I have another reason to add to the list. It's National Book Month! Wheeeee!

Now, honestly, I don't need bells and whistles or a monthly celebration to get me to read. I LOVE to read. I would read here or there, at the store, behind a door, on a couch, in a pouch, in a car, covered with tar. I do so love reading all kinds of books. Thank you, thank you, books with hooks.

Um, I seem to have gone off on a Dr. Seuss tangent. The point is, October is National Book Month, so perhaps you might like to check out the National Book Foundation site where you'll find lovely lists of National Book Award winners and other ideas to cram ever more books into your life.

Right now, I'm reading a folksy, self-pubbed memoir called The Thrill of the Chase by Forrest Fenn. If you live out around Santa Fe, and have a hankering to go treasure hunting, check out Fenn's poem (in the book) filled with enigmatic clues to the buried gold. That's right, he buried a treasure chest and it's there, yours for the taking, if you find it.

It's kind of the perfect book to start National Book Month. Because for me, every book holds treasure. How about you? What are you reading in good, old October? I'll keep you updated on my choices this month, and you can keep me updated with your choices. Oh, I am really LOVING October!