Friday, October 7, 2011

Finding Something Friday on The Scare Factor

I just got off the phone with Juniorette Hall who went to a haunted house here in the ATL.

Now, when I say "haunted house" I do not mean a fun, kind of creepy place where high school kids dress up in masks and jump around with fake blood and fake screams. I mean Netherworld, which is billed as the #1 haunted house in America. We're talking scary as crap. Maybe even scarier than that.

So when I asked her if she was scared, she said (and I'm quoting here), "I was please-let-me-pass-out-in-a-corner-so-an-ambulance-will-have-to-come-and-take-me-away scared."

Then I asked about the group of 20-somethings who went with her, and whether they were scared. They were, she said, but more like "screaming their heads off, but this is so fun to be scared" scared. Which apparently is not nearly as scared as wanting an ambulance to come.

Fright, I suppose, is subjective. When it comes to ghosts and haunted happenings, I'm much more scared of the things I can't see rather than the things I can. Sometimes, when I'm writing a story with a paranormal bent, I can scare myself just thinking up the stuff. Imagination can be pretty scary all by itself.

So, how about you? What's your scare factor? Would you be more scared of a haunted house like Netherworld or getitng trapped inside the local, sinister house rumored to be inhabited by ghosts?

Or maybe just spending over twenty bucks for twenty minutes in the #1 Haunted House in America makes you want to scream. I know that price scared the crap out of me.