Monday, April 18, 2011

There Can Be Only One (Winner)

I really enjoy the WOW! Blog Tours. I've read some wonderful books, and met some truly wonderful and generous writers. I love just about everything about the tours, except for...having to pick just one winner in the giveaways.

But as the Highlander would say, "There can be only one."And SALLY is the one who won The Literary Ladies Guide to the Writing Life!

As for the rest of y'all who stopped by, hoping to win, you know you can get this amazing book through your favorite bookseller. And honestly, you're all winning literary ladies to me. I often stop by your blogs, just to "meet" the folks who've dropped in here, and I'm always amazed at the fine writing I find.

Maybe your book will be cruising around on a WOW! Blog Tour someday and I'll host you! Thank goodness, there can be more than one (author).