Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tooting My Horn Thursday on a Lenten Loophole

I know I usually toot (my horn) on Tuesdays, but on that day, I was fighting a moral dilemma (as you may recall with the Submission Goldmine) and that took the wind out of me.

Um, let's just move on to something less pun-filled.

So here's this month's column from Modern Senior Living. It's about giving up stuff for Lent, which now that I think about it, is another one of those moral dilemmas I must fight each year. Except that I have a "Lenten Loophole".

You'll need to zip over to page 14 to read "The Lenten Loophole." And here's a little horn-tooting for Erma Bombeck, too. If you know who Erma is, you'll want to read my editor's article on the Queen of writing humor columns. His article starts on page 6.

It's hard to believe Erma's been gone since 1996. Her one-liners are just as funny now as they were twenty or thirty years ago. And honestly, I needed a few, good laughs. Because even dead, she's funnier than me.