Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Blogger's Thanksgiving

Five years ago, I didn't really "get" blogs.

Now, I have three of 'em, even though mostly, I hang about the Hall of Fame. And I'm ever so thankful for my blogs and the friends they've brought my way.

Friends who live miles from Georgia--yet I feel as connected to them as I do to friends who live down the street. Donna, Becky, Linda, Madeline, and Stacy, too. I read their blogs and expand my world, not just with writing tips and treasures, but with their wit and perseverance, their kindness and encouragement.

I love when my local buddies drop in, because life gets busy and I don't get to spend nearly enough time to catch up with all their local happenings. Friends like Lisa, and Debra, Tanya and Cile, Vicky and Anita, too. When I see their comments, I zip over to visit their blogs, quick! And in just minutes, I'm reconnected, even if it's virtually. That will have to do until we can grab a lunch or cup of tea together.

And I so enjoy when a new blogger joins into the conversation! Before long, I've made a new friend in the blogosphere (Hi Clara! Hi Arlene!). Oh! And I enjoy my followers who drop in every once in awhile, like an unexpected visit from that relative you love but never get to see often enough (Hi Karen! Hi Kelly!)

I know there are many folks who drop in here to the Hall of Fame and never make a peep. I appreciate you, too, because I know you took the time to read a few words, silly or serious.

I SO get blogs, now. Happy Thaknsgiving to you all!