Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's a Trazzler? (Hint: Travel Writing)

I zipped up to North Georgia recently, where Cathy-on-a-Stick walked the line between Georgia and Tennessee. But that's not the weird part. What's weird is that the little town where the line runs through is called one name on the Georgia side and another name on the Tennessee side.

Okay, maybe that's not that weird. How about this? The RIVER that runs through both states changes names from Georgia to Tennessee. That's got to be interesting, right? And if I write about this trip, I could win over at Trazzler.

Trazzler's a travel website where you can visit from the comfort of your laptop before you head out onto the road. And yes, they'll point out travel deals. But what I like about Trazzler is the articles other folks have written. I can check out spots within driving distance from me to see if a. There's something weird and wacky there and b. It's a spot that's arguing-worthy. Because to get the Beneficent Mr. Hall on the road is not an easy task. I have to have plenty of ammunition, as it were, for the battle.

So I've added Trazzler to my arsenal. And if you like traveling and writing about your travels, then you can enter one of the contests. Or you can just write about your travels for other folks to enjoy. You can read more about Trazzler here and how to write for Trazzler here. And you can vote for a friend's totally weird trip contest entry here.

And now I've got my own writing to do. I think I'll call it "Travels With My Stick." Weird...but catchy, right?