Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Little Punctuation Fun, Circa 1946

I'm here at the beach, on a little Mother's Day visit with Mrs. C (which makes that whole Cathy C. Hall thing make sense now, right?). Even on vacation, I'm thinking of y'all (which makes NO sense, but that's the way we C.'s roll).

Anyway, while looking through my mom's college yearbook (The Commodore, 1946), I came across this little gem:

Girls who eat spinach have legs like this: !!
Girls who ride horseback have legs like this: ()
Girls who get drunk have legs like this: )(
Vandy girls have legs like this: X

Isn't that a hoot and a half? Don't tell Mrs. C., but I'm taking this yearbook home with me (which makes total sense-you can't find funny like that anymore.)