Friday, May 7, 2010

Finding Something Friday: A Few Hot Spots to Visit

Here's the thing about the South: One minute, you're sitting out on the porch, as cool as you please. The next minute, it's so hot, the only way to beat the heat is to stuff your face into a watermelon. So, to celebrate 90 degree temps in my sunny backyard, I offer you a few writing hotspots you might want to visit. They won't exactly cool you off, but they're definitely cool.

Karen, one of my writing online buddies, sent me a note about her new blog, The Absinthe Road. She's planning to post a prompt every Monday to inspire your writing mind, body and soul. Sometimes a prompt is exactly what you need to get those writing muscles moving, and besides, Karen is quite the interesting person. So, why not check out her interesting blog?

And Donna, over at her Book Pub, is sponsoring a short story contest to motivate us during May, which just happens to be National Short Story Month (who knew?). You can write whatever you want, but there is a word limit and a no whining rule (I'm assuming she means no whining to her). There's a prize, too!

Wait a minute! I've just had the MOST splendiferous idea! Why not zip over to The Absinthe Road, get your writing groove on, then zip over to Donna's Book Pub and send in your prompt- inspired short story?

Off you go and no whining. (I just find cool stuff. The hot mess writing's up to you.)
Phot courtesy of stock.xchng