Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday's Three: Cool Contests for Writers

Notice I did not say writing contests. That's because these contests don't require you to think up scathingly brilliant books, stories, poems or plays. You will, however, have to think up something if you want to win. And then post that thought as a comment to win fabulous prizes. And while you're dashing about commenting, you're going to get even more scathingly brilliant, courtesy of some pretty awesome blogs.

Three Cool Contests:

O'Juliet, The O'Juliet Love Games (There are several contests running at Robin Maxwell's blog. You can win jewelry and a very cool writing journal.)

Jill Myles' Book Tour (Check out Market My Words for the Book Tour stops. Then comment on each stop for a chance to win a critique from agent Holly Root.)

Becky Povich: Writer
(Becky's having her first contest and giving away your choice of Kelly Stone's books: Thinking Write or Time to Write.)

Now, if any of these writing prizes sound like something you must have, then shoo! Because time, tide, and blog contests wait for no man (or woman).