Friday, January 22, 2010

Finding Something Friday: First Round Finalists at Reading Writers

If I'm being perfectly honest, I didn't find the First Round Finalists in the Reading Writers contest just today. Today, I found that my new laptop has a dark side. I still love PC, but the bloom is off the rose, if you catch my drift.

Speaking of drifts, the Reading Writers Flash Fiction contest involved a snow theme. Which must have struck a chilly but brilliant chord with the Hall of Fame followers. Because when I saw a tweet saying the first round of finalists had been posted, I recognized quite a few names when I dashed over to the contest cafe. (What's that? You didn't know Reading Writers was on Twitter? Go sign up. Wait! Read this post, then sign up.)

There was Donna! And there was Linda! And there was Lisa, too (who can now relax, knowing her entry made it to the contest, after all)!

So, pooh-pooh to the snow! I'm all warm and fuzzy inside, sharing "Excellence in Milieu" (gosh, doesn't that have a grand sound to it?) with these fine writers! Best of luck to us...and if one of y'all win, do I get a finder's fee?