Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tooting My Horn Tuesday: These Boots Were Made for Platform Building

Yep, those are Cathy C. Hall's boots. And when I wear those boots, I'm about 6 feet tall, towering over the less tall (is that more politically correct?) folk out there.

If you're a writer, and you want to get published, you're going to need a platform. You're going to need to write something scathingly brilliant, of course. But it's also wise to get to work, towering over all the would-be published writers, with a scathingly brilliant platform. But how, you ask?

First, read my article "Platform Building 101" that was published in the Institute of Children's Literature newsletter a few weeks back. Then, get yourself a pair of seriously platform-kicking shoes so that when you walk in a room, people look up and say, "Hey, who's that tall woman with the spinach stuck in her teeth?" It works for me.