Friday, December 4, 2009

Finding Something Friday: An Advent Story in my Inbox (Courtesy of Cup of Comfort)

One of my Facebook buddies sent me a message today about my story, "Advent in the Hall House" being in the Cup of Comfort Newsletter, which just happened to be in my Inbox today!

Technically, "Advent in the Hall House" can be found in A Cup of Comfort Book of Christmas Prayer, which you can find in your local bookstore or at the Cup of Comfort website. It's not just me who thinks this book might make a swell Christmas gift.

The Beneficent Mr. Hall said, "I'd buy it, even if I didn't have to!" And Sally the Crazy dog said, "Marf, too!" Now, you can't get a better endorsement that that, can you?

Go ahead and read my story by zipping over here. But don't be surprised if you're hankering to read the rest of the stories in a Cup of Comfort Book of Christmas Prayer. And have yourself some merry little Christmas Spirit.