Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tip: Just So You Know, I'm Taking Notes

You may recall me mentioning here on the Hall of Fame that I attended an Elton John/ Billy Joel concert.

Here's where I wrote about that little adventure again, in an oh-so-humorous way. I mention this so you'll know that, from time to time, I write about the adventures from my oh-so-personal life. That's what writers do. All the time.

So, if you were to, say, get lost three different times going to the same place (like a Junior Hall did recently), you might show up in a witty column. Or you might show up in a short story as the character affectionately called "Wrong Way."

Just thought I'd tip you off, in case you read something someday and think, "Wait a minute. That could be me, except that I don't have a big, old wart on my nose."

It's probably not you. But it could be you. Especially if you do have a big, old wart on your nose.