Friday, September 18, 2009

Finding Something Friday on Confusing Words

Once in awhile (okay, every day), I spend some time (okay, hours) exploring (okay, pooting around) on the wide world of the web (okay, mostly Facebook).

Anyway, I find interesting things. Then I bookmark them. Then I completely forget that I've bookmarked them. So, it behooves me to occasionally take a little time and check my bookmarks. It's like opening a Bookmarks Box of Chocolates. I never know what I'm going to get!

Today I found Confusing Words. This is a handy little tool for those of us who may have trouble with certain words. Words like the perennially confusing lay, lie. And let's not forget those favorites, affect vs. effect. You don't have to look up a whole bunch of grammar rules. You can go to this site and find the definition of said confusing words, as well as sentences using said confusing words. And bam! That confusing cloud hanging over your head suddenly disappears.

Assuming it's a word thing. I wonder if there's something in my Bookmarks called Confusing Life Stuff (okay, you know what I mean).