Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Not to Do Wednesday Looks at Vacation

It's true that I'm on vacation, relaxing the old brain cells.

I mention this fact, not to rub it in for those of you NOT on vacation and relaxing, but rather to make my What Not to Do Wednesday point. To wit, grasshopper, even on vacation, one must always be prepared.

Let's say, for instance, that a writer (we'll call her Cathy C. Hall 'cause I'm a little partial to that name) is relaxing on the beach (we'll call that beach Tybee Island 'cause I'm a little partial to that sandy spot) and suddenly, she gets a scathingly brilliant idea!

When you think about it, that's not so unusual. Even for Cathy C. Hall. It seems to me that whenever I'm relaxing and not thinking of anything, that is the time when I think of something. And though that sounds like Yogi Berra thinking, it makes perfect sense. Now, here's what not to do: don't forget your camera. Or a pen. And something to write on.

'Cause as sure as you're relaxing on the beach, you'll think up something brilliant. Then you'll have to repeat that brilliant idea about a hundred times so you won't forget it. Little children will ask their mommies, "Why is the funny lady talking to herself?" Bigger kids will stand ten feet from your lounge chair and point, maybe throw a frisbee or two, just to see what happens.

Trust me when I tell you: there's nothing relaxing about that. So, bring your writing supplies in your beach bag. Just in case.