Friday, June 12, 2009

Finding Something Friday on Speaking Out and Sports

Two things you might not know about me but are about to find out, it being Finding Something Friday and all...

Thing One: I find it extremely difficult to work during the summer. My brain says, "THINK! WRITE! WORK!" But my imagination says, "SHUT UP AND PLAY!" So, I try to find writing projects that I can finish in a hurry. Writing projects with a pay-off. That's why I love the WOW! Women on Writing's "Friday Speak Out" feature. If you have something to say about women and writing, here's your chance to speak out (in five hundred words or less). And guest blogging is a wonderful way to get yourself out there without having to actually get yourself out there. Thus, saving you time and money to spend on sitting at the beach, soaking up rays and such. Why, I could even think up something writer-ly whilst soaking up rays and such. Brilliant!

Thing Two: I like my sports. A lot. But I like to feel as if I'm actually doing something when it comes to sports. Not that I'm going extreme and actually playing a sport, but still. Doing something, you know? So, the contests at ESPN are perfect. I catch up on my fave team action,
sign up for the ongoing contests, and maybe win a prize. Brilliant!

Yeah, I know. What's ESPN got to do with writing tips? Sorry. I've already reached maximum thinking capacity for this summer Friday. It's your turn, now.