Thursday, May 21, 2009

Great Big Gobs of Genre Writing Advice

I'm just on a writing advice roll here at Cathy C.'s Hall of Fame! Today, it's the awesomeness known as the May/June issue of WOW!Women on Writing.

Pick a genre, any genre, and I'll bet you'll find some great tips for writing it. I haven't had time to read the whole issue yet, but I saw articles about magic realism, fantasy, mystery thrillers, and eeeeek! horror.

And as I'm a shameless hussy when it comes to promotion, I'm just going to add that eeeek! the horror article is brought to you by Cathy C. (as in Creepy) Hall. It's packed with info on all the horror subgenres as well as great big gobs of gushy, grimy writing resources. So, if you've been wondering if horror might be just what you need to rev up your writing passion, sink your teeth into my scathingly scary how-to article, "How 2 Find the Right Horror Fit for You."

Oooh. I'm a little creeped out. (But in a good, totally awesome way.)