Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Free to a Good Writer: Advice

I love a good deal. Nothing makes me happier than to find a bargain worth bragging about. So, I'm pretty much busting with joy right now, 'cause I've got such a deal for you writers!

The Virtual Writer's Conference begins today! Posts are going up as I type, and I can tell you they're packed with great writing advice. I just read the opening post by Leslea Harmon. She shared her thoughts about standing up for your work (she writes an opinion column) and I loved what she had to say. And I saw that Margo Dill was up next with some advice about revising and editing your children's works. Margo is an editor and has a middle-grade book due for publication this year, so I think you'll appreciate her pearls of writing wisdom.

Sometime during the day, my Top Ten Reasons You Should Have a Blog will be posted. So, zip over there and see if I've left anything out. And share your comments on the Virtual Writer's Conference blog so that all the attendees can benefit from your pearls of writerly wisdom.

New posts will be added through the 21st, and since this is a virtual conference, you don't have to worry about missing a single session! Seriously. Is this a deal or what?