Friday, May 29, 2009

Finding Something Friday Quick! An Elegant Contest and a Promotion Workshop

Quick! Check out the National Association of Baby Boomer Women! They're sponsoring a contest called "The Age of Elegance" and you could win $100 if you can write really fast!

Good news: It's only a 500 word essay about what you (the baby boomer woman, that is) considers her age of elegance. Easy, right? Unless you're like me and still waiting for your age of elegance...

Bad news: The deadline's May 31st. So, you really need to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and send that tasteful, elegant essay in!

Now, catch your breath. You have a week to sign up for Annette Fix's Online Author and Book Promotion Workshop. Of course, if you sign up, I guarantee that Annette will have you working double-time on promotion! She's the Senior Editor of WOW! Women on Writing ezine, but she's also an author who has mega-promoted her book, The Break-up Diet: A Memoir.

In fact, Annette's promoted her book all the way into an option for a cable TV series! Here's what she says about her six-week intensive workshop: "By the end of this class, you will have a viable online marketing plan for your book, a platform for building awareness of your expertise/products/writing services, and a working knowledge of the vast options for online marketing."

Whew! That's a bunch of promotion-working in six weeks, but if you've published a book, or more importantly, are working on a book, this workshop could be the make-or-break difference for your marketing plan. And just in case you're worried that it might be too technical for you, relax. Annette promises that you'll get the guidance you need to navigate the social networks.

The workshop starts Monday, June 8, and you can get more info or register if you visit Annette's site. Now, quick! Sign up- and start that essay, too. Time's a-wastin', writers!