Friday, February 27, 2009

Finding Something Friday Rushing Around

I've got to get my little old self to the Springmingle Conference in Atlanta this evening, but I wanted to leave you something before I go. Something Southern, sort of like Southern Breeze, which is the SCBWI chapter sponsoring Springmingle. (Am I the only one that thinks Springmingle is a little, I don't know, rushing the season, for a conference in February???)

So, here's a call for submissions from "Sweet Tea and Afternoon Tales," which is sponsored by the Gulf Coast Writers Association. And according to their info sheet, they're "eager to include voices from many southern states."

And that could mean little old me, from Georgia. Or you, if you're from Mississippi, Alabama, Caroline-anywhere below the Mason Dixon Line (okay, I just flashed back to eighth grade cheerleading and one of my favorite cheers. Now, I'm flashing back to how I didn't make the squad. A perfectly good flashback ruined.)

Anyway, the GCWA will accept most genres, except the usual genres relegated to the Island Of Misfit Fiction (erotica, graphic violence, etc.). BUT, stories must be set in the South and capture a Southern tone (how convenient for little old me!) AND, they'll consider previously published stories. There's no entry fee, but you've got to work fast! Deadline is March 15, 2009!

You can get all the little old details here. And now, I'm gone like the wind. (Um, I couldn't help that one. It's better than another cheer, though, right?)