Monday, May 12, 2008

Children's Lit Bits: A Treasure Chest in Photos

Ideas for children's stories pop up in the most unusual ways. One day, after spray-painting a bed frame with black paint, I blew my nose and ugh! Black flecks on the tissue. But I had a great idea for a kid's story about a girl turning into a monster because there were black flecks in her tissue.

But there are days when the ideas just...dry...completely...up. Why not dig out the old photo albums and take a look through your childhood pictures? Before long, memories will come rushing back. Childhood pictures can jumpstart a story or put you in a child's frame of mind. And isn't that exactly what you need if you want to write for children? An idea that will relate and have kid-sized appeal?

Try your photo album the next time you're stuck. Just that one little bit could make all the difference.