Friday, February 1, 2008

Finding Something Friday: Things I'd Never Tell

If I'm being perfectly honest, there's quite a few things I'd never tell. But for the sake of Finding Something Friday I will tell you what I found.

If you zip over to Poets and Writers here you'll find the listings for January and February. And if you look closely, you'll find the listing for an anthology market: Things I'd Never Tell my Mother. Apparently, someone thinks people would like to read stories about things you'd never tell your mother. Humorous or heartbreaking things, or maybe some of the scary things you did. Like a midnight ride on a motorcycle that didn't have any headlights. With a guy you just met. Out in the middle of nowhere. Heading to Lord-only-knows-where. Not that I would ever in a million years do something like that. Not for all the Fame or Fortune in the world.

But if I did do something like that, I'd never tell. Even if I could use a psuedonym. (Which you can if you send your story in to Things I'd Never Tell my Mother.)