Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Patry Francis Day

If you're a writer and a blogger, then you may already know that today is Patry Francis Day. But if you're one of my friends who stops by every once in awhile to see what I'm up to, then I should explain.

Patry Francis is the author of the book, The Liar's Diary, which came out last year and is soon to be released in paperback. She's also been recently diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that's left her too weak to do all that schlepping about a writer must do in order to promote her book.

I have not read her book. But I took a look at her blog and sometimes, you just know. Patry Francis is a gifted writer. And today, all her writer friends who blog are spreading the word: Buy her book. Buy her Amazon short (I just did! Can't wait to read it.) Support Patry and her writing. Because we all know that money talks, especially in the publishing business.

I'm not a friend of Patry's. But I kinda wish I was after reading her blog. Maybe you will, too, if you take a look here. And think about buying The Liar's Diary. Something tells me you won't be disappointed.