Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tooting My Horn Tuesday for Virtual Writers Conference (And Okay, Golf. Again.)

Sometimes, people get a wild hair and the best thing to do is run for the hills. This time, my writing buddy, Gayle Trent, got a wild hair worth running to...she's coordinating the Virtual Writers Conference, starting May 19th.

Gayle has collected a fine group of people from all walks of the writing world to share their expertise. You can learn about self-publishing, marketing, social networks, fiction, non-fiction, genre writing, and a host of other subjects from writers who've been in the trenches. Writers who've fought the writing battles and lived to tell the tales. Writers like, well, me.

I'll be sharing my Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Have a Blog, and giving a few steps to get you started. I'll be funny, entertaining, and sorta helpful. So, zip over to the Virtual Writer's Conference on May 19th...the rest of the writers are bound to be mostly helpful.

And for those of you who've been missing my column, you can read May's "Golf Lessons" starring Cathy C. Hall, the beneficent Mr. Hall and Junior Hall. The editor of Modern Senior Living sometimes posts my column at the website; guess he got one of those wild hairs, too.