Friday, May 15, 2009

Finding Something Friday on Texan Guidelines (Yeehaw!)

Okay, technically, I didn't find a contest or anthology relating to Texas. But as it happens, both of my finds today come from that great state of Texas. And when I say "great" I mean "birthplace of Cathy C. Hall."So, even though I wouldn't take a million bucks for Georgia, I have a soft spot in my writing heart for Texas. On to the writing opportunities...

First up is the NANO Fiction Contest. If you write fast and furious, this is the contest for you. Short, short fiction, micro-fiction, teeny-tiny bursts of fiction-it's all good for the NANO Fiction Contest. Yes, there's an entry fee, but the prize is pretty durn big (isn't that just like Texas?). So, send something to Houston by August 1st and win 500 bucks!

Next is an anthology or two from some fine folks in Abilene. But as wonderful as Abilene apparently is, please don't mail your submission there-send it by email. Or so say the editors of Grandma's Quilts/ Grandpa's Attic. This anthology will be produced by the Silver Boomer Books folks, who like stories and poetry, but check out the website for all the details ('cause there are a whole lot of details!). You have till September 15th, and that's plenty of time to polish up something grandmotherly or grandpa-ish. Or quilt-y/attic-ish.

Good luck, pardners! (Yeehaw.)