Friday, March 27, 2009

Finding Something Friday Pushes YouTube (Like They Need A Push)

What I'm really pushing is you, I suppose, to get out there and explore YouTube. 'Cause I'm convinced that YouTube is the face of the future in marketing and promotion. Yes, even for writers.

This morning, I read in my PWDaily about a 91-year-old grandma, Clara Cannucciari, who's just garnered a book deal, thanks in large part to her YouTube and Facebook presence. Her grandson, Chris Cannucciari filmed her, cooking Depression-era dishes and talking about the lives and times of those difficult days. I couldn't believe what a great job this Italian grandmother did in this segment (see her Youtube video and be amazed!). And now the grandson's writing the book, Cooking With Clara.

I'm not very handy in the whole videocam world, but I think it's time to quit watching and start doing. My bud, Bill Elder, who has a terrific vlog (It's over there in my Favorite Detours), has snagged a ton of subscribers, and he's doing some slam-up promotion for his voiceover business. I need to apply what's left of my little gray cells and jump on that YouTube bandwagon. The sooner, the better. I ain't getting any younger, you know.

And for those of you who thought you might be too old for Facebook (Okay, I'm including myself), I have two (or four) words: 91-year-old Clara. Stand back, grandma, I'm jumping in!