Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Cabbages and Kings Blogging Comment Contest

The time has come, says Cathy C. , to talk of many things. Of blogs, and comments, posts and such, and cabbages and kings.

I've been doing a bit of blog surfing lately, reading interviews, interesting posts, and commenting when I see something I like. So, I've gathered a few suggestions for blogging etiquette (and such).

Firstly, when someone comes by and leaves a comment, try to remember posting a simple "thanks for stopping by." Treat your guests royally, especially if your guest is new to the blog neighborhood. And most especially if your guest has left a comment so nice, you feel like a King (or Queen)!

Secondly, don't make it too difficult for a visitor to post a comment. It's one thing when a guest has to decipher the squiggly letter thingie. It's another thing entirely when a guest has to sign up with a server, fill out a half-page form, remember a new password, and promise the first born child before posting the teensiest comment. I know it's important to keep the bad old spammers away, but seriously? You don't want to keep the good guys away, too. Especially if you're hosting a blog tour-and the blog hostee can't post!

Thirdly, you might want to consider visiting a commenter who's visited you. Tit for tat, blog-speaking. It only takes a moment to share a little blog love.

I think that's it. Except for working cabbages in here, somehow. I've just always liked that part of Lewis Carroll's The Walrus and the Carpenter... Oh, I know! Leave me a comment with the word "cabbages" in it. Making relative sense, mind you. And I'll pick one of the comment writers to get the latest writing book I finished (Query Letters That Rock! It's autographed, and it's full of good query info).

Update: You have till the end of March to post your lovely cabbages comment. And I should probably add that Linda Formichelli and Diana Burrell penned the prize, Query Letters That Rock. You can read more of their fab tips if you visit The Renegade Writers (see my Favorite Detours). Those Renegade Writers Rock like Cabbages! (I just made that up-do you think it will catch on?)