Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What Not To Do Wednesday on Web-keeping

You know what annoys me, grasshopper? I mean, besides opening an ice cream carton and finding a mound of ice crystals growing over one lousy tablespoon of mint chocolate chip.

Checking out somebody's blog and finding a post from six months back kinda annoys me. Especially if I've gotten pulled into somebody's interesting blog life. Because then, grasshopper, I'm wondering if that somebody is alive or dead or tossing back Margaritas in Acapulco.

And what about those author websites that haven't been updated in five years? Surely, Ima Author has done something in the last five years that's website-worthy. How about cracking open the website and adding a new link? Or changing out an old link that's no longer relevant?

Here's the thing, grasshopper. If you're going to go to the trouble to build a blog or website and use those tools for promotion and marketing and such, don't you think it might work better to keep the sites current, to practice a little website house-keeping?

When you don't update regularly, you can lose your audience. So, you've wasted all your efforts. And wasting efforts really annoys me. Even more than scraping off ice crystals from the last bite of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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