Friday, November 18, 2011

Finding Something Friday on Austin Kleon and Stealing Like an Artist

So, I've been busy this month, working on the middle grade novel, catching up on serious reading, and (still) researching agents. But I've also been working on the Picture Book Idea Month and enjoying the daily blog posts going on over there. This week, amongst the posts, I came across a link to artist Austin Kleon (and thank you, Liz Garton Scanlon for pointing me in his direction).

Austin Kleon has a book coming out (March, 2012) called Steal Like an Artist. And if you zip over and read this WHOLE post on "How to Steal Like an Artist (and 9 Other Things Nobody Told Me)", you, the writer, will read something and think, Wow. That's exactly what I needed to read today.

Or maybe you'll be like me and find lots of somethings you needed to read. And when you read the last something, "Creativity is subtraction," you will sigh and think, Oh, yes, that's it exactly.