Friday, August 26, 2011

Finding Something Friday: Oopsies, Forgot This Critique Business

So, all that talk about critique and I forgot to mention the site I wanted to share with you. It's about (You guessed it.) critique. Sheesh.

It's called Ladies Who Critique, and I nosed around a bit over there and thought it looked interesting, especially for a writer who's not quite ready to share her work with the world (or the other folks in her real, live critique group). Or possibly for the writer who lives out in Montana.

I don't know why I always pick Montana when I think of people living out in the middle of wide, open spaces. I'm sure there are probably swell towns in Montana. There are towns there, right?

I feel as if I'm meandering off into my own wide open spaces here...the point is, Ladies Who Critique has opportunities for just about every kind of writer, for every stage of the writer. And it's free.

So, there are no excuses left, ladies. It's time to take the page by the er...send button, and get critique. Whether you do anything with that critique is up to you.