Friday, May 20, 2011

Finding Something (Fun) Friday: Better Book Titles

Dan Wilbur is my new best friend. He doesn't exactly know it, but whatever. His blog, BETTER BOOK TITLES is genius. Simple concept, brilliantly funny execution.

He takes well-known books and re-titles them so that you, the over-worked reader, don't have to actually read the whole book to get the gist of things. What a time-saver! Because I, for one, do not have time to read Jane Eyre again. But a simple glance at Dan's better book title, and I'm good.

Basically, I've found a way to fit in at those get-togethers where everyone's talking about the lastest best-seller (or classic) that I haven't got 'round to reading yet (implying that someday, I might actually read these best-sellers/classics).

And now you can be cool and well-read, too! But I've got dibs on Dan Wilbur if he shows up.