Monday, April 4, 2011

And More Writer's First Aid Goes To...

This always happens when I host a book giveaway. I read the comments and want to give the book to everybody. If I ever get a book published and do a book giveaway, I'm giving the book to everybody!

Um, maybe not everybody. Maybe ten lucky commenters. But what if I'm doing a blog tour? Okay, maybe five lucky commenters. Still, that could be like...100 books. What am I? Made of money? One book per giveaway, y'all. I think that's both generous and practical.

Well, I'm glad that's settled. My work here is done. Oh! I should probably tell you which lucky commenter won More Writer's First Aid by the generous (and practical) Kristi Holl: Gayle!

Now my work here is done. (And now, I should probably get cracking on that book I'm going to give away someday.)