Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ash Wednesday Writing

So, I'm off to get ashes smeared across my forehead and think about Lent. Or more specifically, think about giving up something for Lent.

I had to write an article once about why people "give up" things during Lent. You probably know that it has to do with discipline. When we give up something small, like chocolate (though honestly, giving up chocolate is HUGE), we're practicing discipline, just in case something bigger comes along that we need to give up. I'll let you fill in your own "something bigger." (I always think about the Seven Deadly Sins. The very fact that they're called the Seven Deadly Sins scares the beejeebers out of me. Those church fathers knew a thing or two about marketing, didn't they?)

Anyway, we give up a habit or a practice, flex our discipline muscle, and before you can say, "Free at last!", we've become a better person. Now, what's all this got to do with writing?

Think about a habit or practice that's keeping you from being the best writer you can be. Are you wasting hours playing games on your laptop? (Um, just because I listed that first should, in no way, incriminate me.) Do you start essays, stories, or articles and never finish them? Or do you write something and send it out before revisions because you hate rewrites?

What's your Deadly Writing Sin? Try giving it up for 40 days. Use your discipline to become a better writer. And maybe step away from the 5 lb. box of chocolate, while you're at it.