Saturday, September 4, 2010

Finding Something Friday on Word Counts and

Checking my email tends to be one of those "Good News/Bad News" activities. When it's Good News, there is wild dancing in the streets and Chex Mix for everyone!

When it's Bad News, there's still Chex Mix. But I don't feel like sharing it with anyone.

This Friday I had Good News and a Surprise. Which seems like a perfectly reasonable excuse for the fact that this Finding Something Friday post is actually on Saturday, right?

Anyway, on to the Surprise. I found my name in the latest newsletter of If you get the free newsletter, you can find it, too, under the Inquiring Writer column. I responded to a question about word counts for manuscripts, sending along this helpful blog post from Colleen Lindsay. (Check it out if you're wondering about word counts and your novel-in-progress.) And Dawn Copeman (who does the answering of said questions) included my comments in the newsletter. And, I noticed that Dawn said she's running low on questions. So this might be the perfect time to get your writing question answered. (Or send in your comments to a question and find your name in the newsletter!)

As for the Good News, I'm kinda still working on that article. So, I'll share more later.

In the meantime, have a glorious Labor Day weekend. And have some Chex Mix, won't you?