Friday, September 10, 2010

Finding Something Friday Feeling Crafty

I just read in my local paper about the Yellow Daisy Festival here at Stone Mountain, Georgia. It's HUGE. And full of crafty stuff. Some of the handmade items are truly works of art. Others leave you thinking about going home and trying to make that item yourself.

Which is why I remembered Alison Morris' post on Shelftalker. Alison is leaving Shelftalker, but she left a ton of artsy links on book crafts before going. And honestly, a few of the DIY projects look simple enough that even I could do them. (Trust me when I say they must be VERY simple. Because a. I'm kinda lazy and b. I'm not that crafty.)

Like making bookmarks from paint chips that you can find here at How About Orange's blog. Aren't you always looking for a bookmark? I usually end up sticking a piece of trash in the book. Um, not like a banana peel. But, you know, like that receipt for paying my book fines. Maybe the next time you give someone a book as a gift, you can throw in a handmade bookmark. There's nothing like a handmade gift to say, "I care about you. And I'm kinda cheap. But really, I do care."

And you have to check out this totally cool vase made from a book. That's right-a book vase! The directions are here at lillyella's. Now, I'm not saying you should cut up your favorite book. But maybe that book that your sis-in-law gave you on the wonders of a macrobiotic diet that was really just an excuse to bring up the fact that you're eating too much junk food? You could cut that book up and expend a few calories.

So, with that little, tiny nip in the air, maybe this is the weekend for you to try a little crafting yourself. You'll find plenty in Alison's post. You might even find yourself following some of these interesting, artsy blogs. And when Cathy C. Hall has another contest, you may find yourself winning a bunch of cool, handmade bookmarks.

Because I care about you. I mean, I may be cheap. But really, I do care.