Friday, May 28, 2010

Finding Something Friday: Baseball Beauties and VOICE

I found my latest ramblings up on Baseball Beauties today, so I thought that might be a fun way to start this fine Memorial Day weekend. But I also had a bit of a brainstorm (which doesn't happen often), so I'm throwing that in, too. Kinda like that ball from left field.

You know that Baseball Beauties is a site for fans of the female variety. But there's more to being a fan than gender. Like where to sit, or how to get the Mojo working. And today's topic, when to leave the ballpark. Take a look at Speaking of Categories of Baseball Fans. (And what the heck? Here's a bonus, 'cause it's a holiday weekend: The WHOLE world is Watching Your Error, in which I give a little insight into what I like to call "Growing Up a Hall."

Now it's on to the brainstorm. I'm getting ready to write an article for WOW-Women-on-Writing on that elusive beast we writers call VOICE. And I asked WOW readers/writers to give me a hand. And then I thought, "Wow! I should ask all of you scathingly brilliant readers/writers, too!" So, shoot me an email (cathyhall55 at hotmail dot com), telling me about your fave novel and include your thoughts on why the VOICE of the novel makes it so special/strong/unique, etc. If I use your comments, I'll give you a little link love, so be sure to send your website/blog url, too. And whee! You might end up in the next issue of WOW!

I think that's it. Except for one more thing: have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!