Monday, April 5, 2010

Writing and Zero Candy Bars

Now, I know what you're thinking. And no, I don't mean that fleeting thought you just had, wondering if you'll still fit into that pair of killer capris from last year after eating an Easter basket full of chocolate. (P.S. You probably won't. Go have another malted milk ball egg.)

I'm talking about the next thought you had. Namely, what does a Zero candy bar have to do with writing? Hear me out, 'cause I think I can make this work.

It all started with an innocent tweet along the lines of "why is it I always have to find a gas station to get a Zero candy bar?" As it happens, Zero is my fave candy bar. But I have to depend on a fill-up in order to come by said candy bar. In fact, a Zero just doesn't taste the same without the smell of gas fumes intermingled with the chocolatey goodness.

So, one of my writer friends tweeted back, basically saying, "Yeah, what's up with that?" LuAnn loves the Zero, too. But she lives out in the middle of nowhere (and by nowhere, I mean "Nebraska") so getting a Zero is quite the jaunt for her. She was so riled up about the situation, she wrote an email to Hershey's (Here's where a little creative writing comes in). Hershey's did not exactly share her riled-upness (I just made up a word-more creative writing!).

Then I suggested that we should start a fan page on Facebook (even more creative writing!) And LuAnn, who is much more technically proficient than I, went right to work. And that is how I WANT MY ZERO CANDY BAR (AND I DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO FIND A GAS STATION TO GET IT) began. If you're on Facebook, and you love the Zero, then rush over and join the group. Cause the pen is mightier than the, um, just-complaining-and-not-doing-anything ploy. (See? TONS of writing going on here. In fact, I kinda outdid myself.)