Sunday, April 11, 2010

Top Ten Reasons Why I LOVE My Library!

When Shelli Johannes-Wells asked for bloggers to sign up for her Library Appreciation Day extravaganza on April 12th, I dashed off a response saying, "Sign me up!" 'Cause I'm a HUGE fan of libraries. HUGE fan of librarians. I've had some pretty wonderful times in a library-and don't worry, library staff and friends down the street at my local library, it's all been perfectly legal.

So, as per Shelli's instructions (Write about libraries. Write anything you want!), I offer:

The Top Ten Reasons Why I LOVE my Library

10. My library has really, really, clean restrooms and they never run out of toilet paper.

9. You can sit and cool off on a scorching, hot summer afternoon after running errands all day-and all the library people just smile and nod, like they know exactly how I feel.

8. My library is 10 minutes from my house. And oh, look! There's another one, 12 minutes down the other end of the road. A two-fer my taxes!

7. They have special displays for recently-released books so that I can find what's new a whole lot quicker.

6. I can do wondrous things through the library website: research, renew books, add new books to my list, and browse through children's magazines that I can't find anywhere else! All that and more, from the comfort of my pj's.

5. The librarians can figure out what book I'm looking for when I say, "It's about this girl. And maybe a dog. Or is it a skunk?"

4. If a book is across the county at another library branch, I can add it to my list, and somehow, it'll magically appear a few days later at my library!

3. The librarians always sympathize with me when I have to pay my humongous fines.

2. All the books (and the magazines and the books on tape and I don't know what all else) are free! Free! FREE!

And the number one reason I LOVE my library:

1. It smells like books! Which is definitely on the Top Ten List of my favorite smells on earth (but that's another list for another day).

If you'd like to read what other bloggers have to say about their libraries, check out Shelli's fab Market My Words today and follow a link or two. And if you just happen to be out today, stop by your local library to say thanks to all those people who make spending time with books so wonderful (and perfectly legal)!