Friday, April 16, 2010

Finding Something Friday on LISTVERSE

Honestly, I intended to update the Market of the Month. And if I'm being "Catholic's Honor" honest, I've had that update on my list all week. But for whatever reason (watching the Braves, tweeting about the Braves, falling asleep on a lounge chair...well, there's no sense getting bogged down with details) I haven't quite researched Market of the Month. That doesn't mean I don't have something special for you.

I came across Listverse the other day when I saw this post "Top Ten Underrated Fantasy Stories Before 1937." As I'm rather fond of fantasy, I spent awhile reading about the great fantasy I missed, on account of me not being born yet and all. And I'll get to some of these fine works, as soon as I find them at my local library.

Meanwhile, I have a penchant for interesting trivia and lists, so I kinda hit the mother lode on Listverse! I started reading "10 Very Strange British Traditions." And where I ended up, I can't say. But it was all on the up and up. Catholic's Honor.