Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tooting My Horn Tuesday for Baseball Beauties

Ever have one of those days where it was just one thing after another? Yesterday was mine. So I'm calling a do-over. Which explains why on Wednesday, we're having Tuesday Tootin' at the Hall of Fame.

Now, I know we've shared our writing woes and woohoo's here at the Hall, but there are other areas in Cathy C. Hall's life that have remained (and really, you should thank me for this) on the down low.

However, to truly understand how crazy excited I am to be writing over at Baseball Beauties, you need to know about The Secret Life of Sports lurking below my oh-so-classy exterior. Namely, that I am what other folks might refer to as a "fanatic." Which frankly, has a connotation I find a bit disrespectful.

The Beneficent Mr. Hall has learned over the years not to stand (or sit) too close to me while watching a sporting event. Because I am not what you would call a passive viewer. I'm more what you might call an "interactive" viewer. It's entirely possible that I will yell, scream, shout, throw objects, jump up and down, do fist pumps, chest bumps, and yes, accidentally slap someone who might be in close proximity during said sporting event.

Being a fan is all well and good if one is actually at The Ted, watching the home team. But if one is at home, say, watching the Braves on the big screen, then watching the game safely becomes sort of a sport in and of itself.

But, and here's a big but (mine withstanding), now my sports fanaticism is paying off. I get to write funny baseball stuff over at Baseball Beauties! You can read my first baseball bit here. I think you can leave a comment, too. (It's a new site, so bugs and such are getting worked out every day.)

Oh, and just so you know. I'm not one of those baseball beauties you'll see um, posing on the site. And since we're sharing down low info, I'll just admit here and now that even in my best days ever, I couldn't pull off the baseball beauty look. But I have gotten my share of looks while I've been at baseball games.