Thursday, March 4, 2010

Market of the Month: Oatmeal Studios

Oatmeal Studios is a greeting card market. Yeah, that's right. But a humorous greeting card market. Maybe there's something terribly amusing about oatmeal that I just don't grasp. Which might make it difficult for me to break into this market.

But hope springs eternal. I'm always sending out greeting card ideas. I've got, as the saying goes, a million of 'em. And one day, a Cathy C. Hall funny bon mot or two is going to sit up on that greeting card shelf in the grocery store. And I'm going to wait behind the shelf, watching people read cards. Possibly pushing, er, pointing them politely to a humorous Oatmeal Studios card.

Hey, it could happen. But I've got to actually write them first. So, let's check out this market and put our funny pens to paper. Because I bet you've got a million ideas, too. And if you think oatmeal is hilarious, you're already one step ahead of me.