Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thomas Nelson Book Reviews (Part Deux)

Yeah, yeah, I'm gonna tell you about the Thomas Nelson name change and how you can review books, and all that jazz. But it has suddenly dawned upon me why I may not be Patty Productive.

27 minutes ago, I sat down and signed in to write this here post. But then, I got shanghaied by the recent posts of blogs I follow. And you know, people are so interesting, with their contests, and their funny thoughts, and their hopes and dreams and needs. So, I may have been just the teensiest bit distracted.

Anyway, back to Thomas Nelson, the folks who have renamed their book review program to BookSneeze. See, the idea is that interest in a book is caught, as in going viral. So, if you're a blogger, and you agree to write a review (it doesn't have to be positive; any old achoo review will do) on your blog and a consumer site, then you're good to go review your heart out.

TNP Books available tend to the spiritual side, but you'll find occasional YA or juvenile fiction. There's no pay, only the benefit of a book and the opportunity to stretch your writing wings.

And honestly, I completely forgot I'd signed up for Thom-um, BookSneeze until I saw the email about the name change. Guess I somehow got distracted.