Friday, October 16, 2009

Finding Something Friday on Spinetinglers Contest

There's just something about October that really gets my spooky senses tingling. It could be that whole Halloween thing. It could be that the Beneficent Mr. Hall takes to the couch during football season and turns into a kind of bubbling mass, indistinguishable from the cushions. Whatever.

The point is, my fingers are itching to write something creepy. And I found the perfect site to send my macabre masterpiece: Spinetinglers (Woooooooooo-ooooooo).

Each month, Spinetinglers sponsors a contest (no entry fee!) and chooses the top five stories (prize money!) and then showcases them on their website (publication credit!) They seem to be especially keen on guy writers (Four out of the last five winners were men. Although Tony could be a girl, I guess. Or an alien...).

Anyway, I know quite a few women writers who can scare the bejiminies out of me. With their stories, I mean. I'm sure their stories would scare you, too. So I really hope they submit a few to Spinetinglers and help us women represent. As I plan to do, as soon as I think up a hot mess of a horror story (Woooooooo-oooooo).