Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yeah, I'm Tooting my Horn on Wednesday. So, Sue Me

Where does the time go?

One minute, I had a list of things to do on Tuesday (including writing a Tooting My Horn post for the Hall of Fame) and the next minute, I'm out to lunch (literally, not figuratively). So, here's the post that would have been here yesterday if I hadn't been out to lunch (figuratively, not literally).

Last year, I met the most delightful young teen at the Decatur Book Festival (which is right around the corner). Sydney Ann Lewis was hawking The Vernacular, a publication of stories and poems by Atlanta high school students. The magazine had been produced in conjunction with The Wren's Nest, and all the work had been done by a staff of high school students, including Sydney. The more we talked, the more I was impressed. I thought I could sell her story. And happily, Encounter bought it.

Encounter Magazine loves stories about youth. They love stories written by teens, too. So, if you know a teen with an interesting story, why not go out to lunch and have a little chat? I heartily recommend it.