Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Tip: HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Just because HARO is all about helping reporters and you're NOT a reporter, doesn't mean you can skip this post. HARO is awesome for reporters. But it's an awesome way to get your sweet promotion out there, in whatever way you shine.

First, a little info. HARO was started by the awesome Peter Shankman to provide sources for reporters. You know how you need that one killer quote from an expert to make your article really swell? Or sell, for that matter. So, instead of running around everywhere, looking for experts and tracking them down for a word or two of wisdom, a freelancer can put a call out on this site, absolutely free, and soon, all kinds of responses will come shooting into your inbox.

How's that for easy? When I pitched a horror article to WOW! Women-on-Writing, editor Annette Fix suggested I Wow! the piece with a few quotes. Use HARO to track down a few authors, she said. And before you could say, "Boo!" I had horror authors filling up my inbox. Really helped flesh out the article (no pun intended) and I learned a new thing or two. Always a good day when I learn something new.

But I also had another thought. Maybe I'll sign up on the contact page. You never know when my extensive knowledge about all things Southern may be needed. And horror, now that I've finished that article. And dealing with crazy dogs...and witty writing...and well, you get the picture. And if someone quotes me, then wheee!

But read the HARO rules carefully. Mr. Shankman, I understand, wants everyone to play nicely. Considering what you get out of this fun tool box, it's the least you can do.